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A machined aluminum sub-chassis and three-point support insulators block external vibration and noise and ensure mechanical stability.
A dual enclosure design that separates the pre-amp and power supply units is just one of many features that reduces noise to ensure utmost signal clarity
The controls, LED display and illumination operate via a circuit method based on direct current, minimizing their impact on sound quality.
High quality and high precision dedicated parts, such as high sound quality custom electronic volume control and super-precise ball bearings are carefully selected.
Maximum circuit simplification from input to output removes all causes of sound quality deterioration from the transmission route.
Extreme Link function permits synchronous control of multiple C600s.
Allows sensitivity adjustment matched to each source.
Rated output voltage : balanced output 1.5V, unbalanced output 0.75V
Maximum output voltage : balanced output 20Vrms, unbalanced output 10Vrms
Rated distortion : 0.0015% (balanced output, 1.6V, 1kHz)
SN ratio : 120dB
Frequency response : 10Hz - 100kHz, (-1dB)
Gain : 12 dB
Max. allowable input voltage (Vol.-40dB): 20 V (balanced), 10V (unbalanced)
Input terminals : balanced input x 3, unbalanced input x 3
Output terminals (line) : balanced output x 2, unbalanced output x 2
Output terminals (recording) : : balanced output x 1, unbalanced output x 1
Power consumption : 52W
Exterior dimensions ( W x H x D ) :
Main amplifier : 450mm x 150mm x 440mm
Power supply : 220mm x 185mm x 430mm
Weight : 29KG (main amplifier) , 15KG (power supply unit)


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