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Smart DJ controller
Designed with beginners and hobbyists in mind, the smart DJ controller is compatible with a variety of music streaming apps and offers access to features that demystify many aspects of the craft. You can use the DDJ-200 to mix tracks at home or on the go.
Multi-app compatibility and support for music streaming services
Tutorial and Pop-Hint features to help beginners enjoy DJing
Transition FX – easily perform professional sounding mixes in various styles
Phrase Sync – world’s first feature on a controller*7 for easy, natural switches between tracks
Compact, lightweight body for DJing anytime, anywhere
Split output for DJ performances
*1 When the DDJ-200 is not connected to the smartphone/tablet/PC/Mac, using paid features of WeDJ for iPhone will incur in-app billing.
*2 To use rekordbox dj when the DDJ-200 is not connected, license key activation is required.
*3 It is the responsibility of Beatport LINK, Deezer, djay, edjing Mix, SoundCloud Go+, and Spotify users to read terms of use and follow copyright protection laws, rules, and regulations, as well as international treaties designated in the country, where the service is being used.
*4 A list of countries where SoundCloud Go+ is available can be found here (as of May 7, 2019).
*5 WeDJ for Android is scheduled to become compatible with the DDJ-200 via an update in late July 2019.
*6 Use of some FX incurs in-app billing.
*7 The first DJ controller in the DJ controller market (according to research conducted by Pioneer DJ Corporation, May 7, 2019).
*8 Power bank not included. Power banks are external units that can be recharged and carried with smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

* For software compatibility, please visit http://pioneerdj.com/support
Suggested retail price: HK$1,280    


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