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Performance Multiplayer
7-inch full-colour high-resolution touch screen
Support for playing high-quality FLAC and ALAC files
Track Filter filters tracks by BPM and key
New Matching feature displays suitable tracks you’ve previously tagged in rekordbox when they’re mixed with the track that’s currently playing
Qwerty touch-screen keyboard to search for keywords, then scroll through results on-screen or with the large rotary dial
4. Expanded performance features
Unleash your creativity using a number of features inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2.
Hot Cues: Instantly start playback at a preset point. Up to eight Hot Cues can be set in advance to give you even more choice in the mix.
Quantize: Cue and loop points on tracks that have been beat-analysed in rekordbox will automatically set in time with the track you’re playing.
MIDI controller interface
Pro DJ Link lets you play tracks from one USB device across up to four multiplayers
Beat Count and Phase Meter
Beat Sync
rekordbox ready
Suggested retail price: HK$9,800    


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